Maputo Electronico is a project gathering for the first time ever Chico Antonio (Mozambique), SMADJ (France / Tunisia) and Rhodalia Silvestre (Mozambique / Eswatini).

Moz Folk Revisited

The creation is giving another musical dimension to the legendary Mozambican singer Chico António (RFI Talent 1991) by bringing electro and oud guitar in its repertory. Through an intense musical dialogue between Smadj, Chico António and Rhodalia Silvestre (NGOMA Awards 2018 Best voice of the year), the project aims to transform traditional Mozambican music in a futurist one keeping its original soul.

Major shows : CCFM Maputo Electronico Festival 2018 (MOZ), Bushfire Festival 2019 (Eswatini)

Creation supported by : SACEM


“Electronic, of course; experimental, definitely.” Le Monde Afrique – January 2022

“A cheeky electropop album declined in songs [….] MAPUTO ELECTRONICO brings together the oudist and producer of electronic music SMADJ, the singer and guitarist Chico Antonio, a notorious figure of the Mozambican scene, discovered in the mid-90s with the group Amoya, awarded Découvertes by RFI – Radio France International – and the singer from Eswatini (ex-Swaziland) Rhodalia Silvestre […] who impresses with the appropriateness of her intrepid improvisations.” Le Monde – January 2022

“On this prod’ signed by the Franco-Tunisian SMADJ, on this up-tempo blues with jungle swirls, a masterful tone, that of the legendary Mozambican crooner Chico Antonio, supported by the voice of his compatriot Rhodalia Silvestre and a magnetic tempo that sticks yout to the ground floor while reaching the stars! Paradoxical and brilliant!” Nova Selecta (Maputo Electronico « U ta Phela »), a Baba Squaaly ‘s reco

Chico Antonio

Crooner Number 1 in Mozambique, Chico António (60 years old) made him-self a name with Grupo 1 Instrumental, Radio Mozambic Orchestra or Marrabenta Stars. In 1991, he is awarded as a “talent” by Radio France International (RFI), a rare distinction. The French Cameroonian sax player Manu Dibango helped him to explore and explode the frontiers. With this in mind, Chico came back home, opening an experimental lab.


Jean-Pierre Smadja (aka Smadj) was born in Tunisia. Oud player, he made himself a name on the Parisian effervescent scene with his electric and wild arrangements of the most traditional taksims (instrumental and solo introduction of a maqâm). Serial worker, he is also a well known producer and artistic director, asked from Australia to Turkey. Smadj released a bunch of solo projects, played,recorded and toured with fellow oudist Mehdi Haddab (DuOuD / BBC – Radio 3 Awards World Music 2003).

Rhodalia Silvestre

Rhodália Silvestre (NGOMA Awards 2018 Best voice of the year) is a Mozambican eclectic singer that is characterized by urban contemporary rhythms that rub shoulders with jazz, neo soul, reggae and pop whilst keeping a strong African identity and influence.

With a peculiar style and personality that imposes, Rhodália is a polyglot singer able to sing in English, Portuguese, Zulu, Xhosa, Shangane, Swati and Chichewa. Born in Mbabane-Swaziland, in 1986, on a very early age she showed talent for music. Roaming around, due to her artistic skills, Rhodalia passed by several countries in the SADC region (Swaziland, Malawi, South Africa and Zimbabwe) and worked with big names of the African music.

In her career portfolio, Rhodália collaborated with artistis such as: Judy Boucher, Don Laka, Jimmy Dludlu, Maya Cool, Wazimbo, Carlos Chongo, Stewart Sukuma, Bholoja, Thomas Hojani, SSP, Chico Antonio and performed in the most important stages of the region for large crowds. After a long period in Cape Town this strident voice is currently based in the Mozambican Capital Maputo where she is working on herdebut album.



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