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M.E.L.T 2000


“Some says that the first album includes all your talents, that’s so true, it sums up all what I can do. A big mix of Oriental music, Jazz and electronic music.”

Turn of the millenium

Having been heavily into electronic miles in the seventies and inspired by the recent « Turn of the millenium » movements of Jazz in Europe, especially London and Paris, Smadj came across like a lay of bridge sunshine

Jean-pierre Smadj is widely inspired by his North African ancestors but his music is also uses the best of modern break beats mixed with a variety of real instruments, many of them played by himself or by some very fine musicians amongst them Sofi Hellborg.

Smadj is simply my kind of what I see as the new multi cultural movement in Jazz a la Melt.

That kind of energy we need to carry the message into the 21st century!” Robert Trunz


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