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Futur projects “Last Call” and “Sangeetha Sangama”

October 18, 2022



Last Call is an alarm. Fables where animals and men are showing weaknesses or bravery, highlighting paradoxes and modern absurdities… A fusion of genres in the form of a claim. Napoleon Maddox is the storyteller, Nicolas Nageotte and Antoine Girard the soloists and Smadj the architect.

This project is under construction. First residency last June 2022. 3 tracks recorded, mixed and mastered. Second residency in 2023 so as to finish the album (looking for partners) – Avail for booking 2023/2024


Oriental music and Indian music in mutual fascination… Smadj has already crossed swords with many Indian cousins, he will devote himself to a new creation during a residency in Bangalore in February 2023.

The recording of this project is also planned as well as a tour of India. Looking for booking partners in Europe.

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