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New Video of SMADJ/DUAL/EUX recorded at LaClef

October 1, 2019


This video was recorded Live, end of a residency at LaClef Saint Germain, the 4th of February 2021. Thanks to Sylvain Barou and Nox


DUAL, Smadj‘s new opus was born from successive waves of lockdowns. The object is partly composed in Lisbon on the banks of the Tagus river, where Smadj had set down his suitcases in the spring of 2019. It ends in the midst of the vineyards in Burgundy where the chameleon has since set foot. Again a transhumance, it’s compulsory with him : starting again.

DUAL may have started like a duel, with another, with a pandemic that would leave us stunned. DUAL, on the other hand, has inherited its quality; of this [A] which changes everything, thanks to the mirrored and staggered gazes of Sylvain Barou and Denis Guivarc’h.

DUAL or the state of the world after a brief syncope. Hoping and hopping !

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