Project Description

Psychedelic video clip of the new CSX/DUAL/SMADJ EP

October 28, 2021


CSX is the perfect example of the duality of Smadj with the use of a morphism in the composition. CSX abbreviation of “It’s SmadjiX, a desire to be magical with the music. The team of Dual still shines in its lyrical and jazz flights around powerful themes and relentless beats. It’s new from Dual will be available on all platforms in October 2021 accompanied by another KTUOR surprise.


DUAL, Smadj‘s new opus was born from successive waves of lockdowns. The object is partly composed in Lisbon on the banks of the Tagus river, where Smadj had set down his suitcases in the spring of 2019. It ends in the midst of the vineyards in Burgundy where the chameleon has since set foot. Again a transhumance, it’s compulsory with him : starting again.

DUAL may have started like a duel, with another, with a pandemic that would leave us stunned. DUAL, on the other hand, has inherited its quality; of this [A] which changes everything, thanks to the mirrored and staggered gazes of Sylvain Barou and Denis Guivarc’h.

DUAL or the state of the world after a brief syncope. Hoping and hopping !

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